Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

Our policy is addressing you, our web site visitor, web site user, member or guest.

By us we mean: and Hardo Enterprise Limited.

This statement explains our privacy policy towards you and your personal information that is collected and processed by

Personal Information

Personal information is your name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, etc., which is submitted by you to us either via e-mail, phone, letters or any other communication channels. and

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Collection of Data will not actively collect personal information about you. This information will not be shared or sold to a third party.

This information will be used to identify you when you sign in and when you subscribe to certain services such as news letters at may use cookies to collect non-personal information about the visitors. Cookies are files of information saved on the hard drive of your computer. Cookies identify pages or services that are used more by our visitors. This process will help us develop these pages and services in the right priority.

You can at any time change the settings of your browser to disable acceptance of cookies. Browsers usually come with their own instructions in disabling cookies. Please refer to those instructions.


At we are committed to protecting any personal information that has been submitted by you when using our services or subscribing to our newsletter. The personal information submitted by you will not be shared with a third party and will be protected with adequate security measures such as encrypted communication and firewalls.

Links to other Web Sites

Although our aim is to link to high quality web sites with their own privacy policies and terms and condition statements, is not responsible for the security and collection of personal data on any web sites linking to or from Please read the privacy policies on those web sites as cannot be held responsible for any content, harm, damage or misuse of your personal information submitted by you on such sites.

Using the Data will use the personal data that you submit to us when providing you with, or contacting you regarding a service that you subscribed to at

Any personal information submitted by you to will be transferred to another service provider only when we get your consent. This is only when the service is provided by a third party other than You will be notified when your personal details need to be shared with a third trusted party and you will have the right to withdraw your consent at that time.

Contacting you might contact you about new services and features mainly via email, but also by letter, telephone or other communication channels provided we have your consent to do so, also to invite you to take part in surveys about our services and your opinion about our site's functionality. This is an important part of our commitment to constantly improve our web site and its services.

Your Right to Change, Limit or Delete Your Personal Data

You have the right to change, limit or delete your personal data at any time by contacting us via email or by postal mail. We will need to confirm your identity to get access to your personal data. This is a security measure to protect the users' data.

Contacting Us

You may contact us by filling in the form on the “contact us” page found on the website.

The information you submit will be kept confidential by for as long as it is necessary during your enquiry. Your personal information will be thereafter deleted unless you advise us differently.

Legal Responsibility

We are bound to comply with the Data Protection Act 1988 in England and Wales. We are also bound by law to provide the UK authorities and government bodies with the necessary information if requested.

Content Contribution

Every user or visitor is responsible for any content they may have posted. We will disclose personal information to the law enforcement agencies if you contribute with offensive, obscene, abusive, inappropriate content on any page of This could lead to the member being expelled from the site or denied any given privileges immediately without prior notice.

Updating Our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

We may at any time change our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. We have the right to do so without notifying any of the visitors, members or guests. Please read our policy regularly to keep updated.


All content including, text, images, illustrations or other elements is protected by copyright. You may use any part of the content displayed on after obtaining the necessary permission by the web site administrator. You may not use the content for any commercial purpose without obtaining the necessary permission by the web site administrator. Contact the web site administrator via the “contact us” section in the web site.


Phishing is fraudulent emails claiming to be coming from trusted web sites asking for your personal information. will not ask you to provide us with any personal information via an email.