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FirstFix is a UK business based in Cheshire. The family run operation understands the needs of the dental sector as we also work and run dental practices. This situation has embedded FirstFix with the knowledge to provide the most useful dental equipment available from our manufactures at the right prices for our customers. We know what works in practice and aim to provide these products for you.

Here at FirstFix Dental we supply a variety of dental equipment to those in the trade. Whatever you need, we can meet your requirements. If it’s professional dentistry equipment you need, choose quality and choose economy with FirstFix Dental, where we can ship worldwide.

Wanting to buy high quality dental equipment at a great price, without quality or reliability being compromised, shouldn’t be too much to ask for. Many of the big brands will attempt to convince you that dental device quality is synonymous with price, and that cheap dental equipment equates to less than superb performance. And in most cases, they’re right! We’re not denying that an optimal price tag and quality craftsmanship can be hard to come by, but at First Fix Dental, we have no doubt that not only will you find the exact device to fit your needs, but you’ll also find it at an ideal price.

We are always expanding our range and looking for new products customers will find useful. If you would like us to source an item that isn't currently on the website feel feel to contact us. We are confident our supply chain and supply the right product.

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