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Laura Horton Consulting is a bespoke consulting company offering customised programmes to develop your practice. Every area of your practice from your new patient experience, communication skills, team morale and treatment planning will benefit from a programme with Laura Horton Consulting.

Laura Horton can transform your practice with verbal skills, customer service, systems, marketing, treatment planning and presentation, photography and can help other areas of your business that you may wish to address. This is due to her extensive background in Dentistry.

Laura Horton Consulting travels the length and breadth of the UK to bring unique programmes to your entire dental Team.

So why should a new patient choose your practice? The first impressions of your business must be desirable enough for the patient to contact you. Then your Team have to make a precise impression of your practice with excellent communication skills and customer service which must be consistently delivered.

In-House training is the most cost effective and productive way to train the entire Team and ensure results are long term and sustained. It is the way forward for instant results and increased team morale.


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