(Dental Nursing) Practical procedures: The correct use of an inhaler

Published on:
Thursday, 1 July 2010

When an asthmatic patient seeks dental care, the dental professional must assess the patient's risk level, ascertaining the frequency of acute episodes, review the patient's medi­cations and determine the patient's specific triggering agents. Phil Jevon outlines the procedure for the use of an inhaler.

The Resuscitation Council (UK) recommends that dental nurses must be able to recognize and effectively treat the sick patient following the ABCDE approach (Resuscitation Coucil UK, 2006). A key component of „B“ is an understanding of the indications and technique for the use of a „relief“ inhaler when the patient is having an asthma attack. Most dental practices encourage their asthmatic patients to ...........

Read in Dental Nursing (UK), volume 6, issue 7, page 378.

System reference number: MGZN-00000003-20100629221200