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When partners disagree

Read in BDA News (UK), issue , page 5.

Even in partnership, dentists spend much of their time working independently, concentrating on their own patients. So, at the formation of a partnership the possibility of disputes among partners may never be [...]


Virtual lab offers enhanced learning

Read in BDA News (UK), volume 22, issue 12, page 05.

A dental school is giving its students a virtual lab to help them enhance their skills. King's College London Dental Institute is leading the integration of virtual-reality haptic systems, which allow human [...]


How to Use the NHS Logo

Read in BDA News (UK), volume 22, issue 1, page 09.

Practices in England can now use the NHS Logo more widely. The Department of Health in England has released guidelines on the extended use of the NHS corporate identity. Up to now, dentists were only able to use [...]


If they won't go numb

Read in BDA News (UK), volume 21, issue 12, page 10.

Specialist in endodontics Michael Sultan discusses ways successfully to anaesthetise patients with severe pulpitis.