Dental Nursing

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Practical procedures: The correct use of an inhaler

Read in Dental Nursing (UK), volume 6, issue 7, page 378.

When an asthmatic patient seeks dental care, the dental professional must assess the patient's risk level, ascertaining the frequency of acute episodes, review the patient's medi­cations and determine the [...]


Absence of CLP Protein linked to Oral Cancer

Read in Dental Nursing (UK), volume 5, issue 2, page 69.

Human calmodulin-like protein (CLP) is found in many cell types including breast, thyroid, prostate, kidney, and skin. The protein can regulate many cell activities and has a highly specific expression. Gaining an [...]


'Golden grapes' and superbugs

Read in Dental Nursing (UK), volume 4, issue 12, page 690.

Dental Nursing gives a potted history of the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus and describes how issues of antibiotic resistence have led to the emergence of ‚superbug‘ strains such as MRSA. Meticillin-resistant [...]