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The communications revolution - maximising your practice website

Read in Dental Practice (UK), volume 49, issue 8, page 13.

Have you visited your practice's website lately? If not, now could be a good time to do so. After all, it is your practice's shop window and virtual brochure in which you have invested time, money and [...]


Mobile dental unit launched

Read in Dental Practice (UK), volume 48, issue 2, page 6.

The new mobile dental facility was launched in Syston, Leicestershire, on the 13th January. Mobile units have been around for some time, but this one has a radical new design, writes Michael Watson. This mobile [...]


Clinical Governance - Seeing the wood for the trees

Read in Dental Practice (UK), volume 47, issue 9, page 24.

„Clinical Governance is about both assuring and improving patient care, and as such it is not just a one-way process; it requires patient involvement and valuing staff“ Paul Mendlesohn, CODE's Chief [...]


Ten Steps to Creating a Successful Practice

Read in Dental Practice (UK), volume 47, issue 4, page 22.

Part 1 – Get a reality check. Do you really want to succeed at what you´re doing, or do you feel the effort required to acheive this is more than you are willing to give at thid stage?

A seat of learning

A seat of learning

Read in Dental Practice (UK), volume 46, issue 12, page 14.

Poor posture, back pain, muscular distress- all of this would seem to be the lot of the dental professional. Is there an answer? How you sit and what you sit on while working in the surgery can effect your muscular [...]