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It's not all white

Read in Dental Tribune (UK), volume 5, issue 18, page 1.

Whitening salon offer raises registrant issue and patient safety. Following an advertisement placed recently on Groupon by Starsmile, a company who are offering whitening treatments that are performed by [...]


Pulling together to reach your goals

Read in Dental Tribune (UK), volume 4, issue 15, page 11.

Lil Niddrie discusses how improving your coaching skills can help to increase both business performance and team motivation at your practice. Life coaching and business coaching have increased steadily in [...]


Low Floride Children's Toothpaste Fails to Combat Tooth Decay

Read in Dental Tribune (UK), volume 4, issue 3, page 1.

Children's to­othpaste that contain low concentrations of fluoride fails to effectively combat tooth decay, according to a recent study.Researchers found that toothpaste containing less than 1,000 parts per [...]


Filthy Dental Laboratory Put Workers Health at Risk

Read in Dental Tribune (UK), volume 3, issue 22, page 1.

A "Filthy dental laboratory that put workers health at risk, has been ordered to pay £4.000 in fines and court cost. Rossford Dental Laboratory in Swinton, Greater Manchester, which specialises in [...]


Endodontic Rumours

Read in Dental Tribune (UK), volume 3, issue 8, page 18.

Some dentists think NHS funding for Endodontics is ‚laughable‘. But is it a fact or just Chinese whispers that some GDPs are opting for extractions instead of endodontics because budget constrictions? If this is [...]


Three Cheers for Dr Crouch

Read in Dental Tribune (UK), volume 3, issue 1, page 1.

An Orthodontist (Eddie Crouch) has won a landmark victory, after taking on the Department of Health and fighting against an appeal, which would have given health bosses the right to terminate dental contracts [...]