Oral Cancer: Extending your regular dental exam to once every two years could put your oral health and live at higher risk

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Tuesday, 27 November 2018
Oral Cancer

Dentists check oral tissue as well

A survey done by the British Dental Association BDA highlights the concerns dentists have about the possibility of having longer periods between dental check-ups as this could lead to a major risk of not detecting oral cancer cases in their patients.

As oral cancer can affect people in otherwise good health, the proposed 2 year check-up could put patients’ lives at risk as dentists are often the first health professionals to detect oral cancer during routine check-ups.

Early detection of oral cancer could be the difference between life and death for many patients.

Deaths caused by oral cancer have risen by 37% in Scotland in the last decade, making it among the highest in Europe.

David Cross, Vice Chair of the BDA’s Scottish Council said:

“Dentists are on the front line of a battle against some of the fastest rising cancers in Scotland. Early detection is key, but now risks becoming a casualty of a cost-cutting exercise. “