Amnesty For Implant Surplus Stock

Dr Jason Buglass BDS, Founder and Director of Implantium

Dr Jason Buglass BDS, Founder and Director of Implantium
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Published on:
Thursday, 28 April 2011, 20:24
Europe/London (BST) +0100 UTC

A leading dental implant provider has launched a special offer to encourage dentists to switch to a more cost-effective supplier.

Implantium has introduced a limited period „Implant Amnesty“ where dental practices interested in using its high-quality Dentium products are able to exchange their existing supplies made by other manufacturers, ensuring they are not left with a surplus of unwanted old stock.

„We've been inundated with recent enquiries from dentists interested in switching to Implantium implants, but some wonder what they'd do with their current collection of implants if they were to make the change,“ Jason Buglass BDS, Director of Implantium, revealed.

„As part of our ‚Implant Amnesty‘, we're willing to exchange existing supplies of other manufacturers' products for brand new Implantium implants – we believe passionately in the high-quality, cost-effective products that we provide, and this special offer gives dentists the chance to see for themselves, without the risk of being left with any surplus stock.“

„While we'd obviously prefer all dentists to use our range of Implantium implants, offering the unwanted implants we receive from our customers at a very competitive price provides another flexible option for practices that are perhaps looking to branch out into implantology, whilst it also ensures existing stock doesn't go completely to waste,“ Jason Buglass added.

Implantium is a leading UK-based supplier of high-quality, cost-effective dental implants. Run for dentists, by dentists, Implantium is also home to the Implantium Network, a match-making service which helps place patients interested in getting an implant fitted, with skilled dentists in their local area.

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Dr Jason Buglass BDS
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