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The London Smile Clinic

The London Smile Clinic
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Published on:
Friday, 29 April 2011, 12:13
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It was back in 2007 that Tim Bradstock-Smith, founder of the London Smile Clinic, introduced the UK to the Inman Aligner, a revolutionary invention which promised to straighten protruding or crowded teeth in a fraction of the time of conventional orthodontics.

Some four years and hundreds of satisfied patients later, the London Smile Clinic is not only seen as the pioneer of this treatment, but Bradstock-Smith now instructs dentists all over the world on how best to use this amazing device!

The antithesis of those train tracks of our youth, the Inman Aligner has two clear plastic spring-loaded aligner bars. Unlike a regular brace, it provides a constant gentle pressure on the teeth, quickly easing them back into place. The initial treatment can be completed in 8–12 weeks; minor crowding can be corrected in eight weeks or less. Little wonder therefore that it has found such favour among celebrities like Cheryl Cole!

Apart from its aesthetic benefits, the Inman Aligner is easy to use and can be inserted and removed at any time, allowing brushing to continue as normal.

The Inman Aligner can be used as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with veneers if there are other problems that need to be corrected such as tooth shape or colour. The main advantage is that if the Inman aligner is used before veneers, the tooth preparations are only very minimal which is much healthier for the teeth.

Although the Inman Aligner was pioneered six years ago by Florida technician Don Inman, Tim Bradstock-Smith has become such an expert that he is now being asked to share his expertise with dentists all over the world.

For the last year or so he has been lecturing and teaching not only in the UK, Sweden, Denmark and France, and has now been invited to lecture in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Las Vegas in the USA!

„The great thing about the Inman Aligner is it's opened up the field to a greater number of people who previously would rather not have anything done at all,“ says Bradstock-Smith.

„In many ways cosmetic dentistry has been failing these patients for many years. But now we have an option for every single case. For those who have got really nice teeth, but have crowding in their mouth, this is available.“

Priced from £1,850, the cost of Inman Aligner treatment is typically much less expensive than traditional braces.

Tim Bradstock-Smith
London Smile Clinic
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