"Change of Name for best selling surface Wipe" – Micro-V™

"Change of Name for best selling surface Wipe" – Micro-V™

"Change of Name for best selling surface Wipe" – Micro-V™
© 2011 Jacob Krikor D.D.S (Swe)

Published on:
Monday, 1 August 2011, 0:00
Europe/London (BST) +0100 UTC

Topdental's No 1 selling high level surface disinfectant alcohol wipe has had a facelift and change of name. The Company felt that such a well known and high quality product Should at least benefit from having its own brand name. It has formally only been known as Topdental Hard Surface Wipe.

The „Micro-V“ wipe is effective against : MRSA, H1N1, E-coli, TB, C-Diff, HIV, HIBV, Hep-C and a wide range of bacteria. Testing are to latest EN guidelines currently in force. The wipe is based on Ethanol, Propanol and Chlorhexidine, the wipe has a pleasing lemon aroma. Packaging comes with either a dispenser tub with an inner sealed bag containing the wipe, this is to help maintain the integrity of the impregnated wipe and help prevent evaporation once the tub is opened. The Micro-V wipe is also available as a „stand-up“ pouch refill .

CE marking is now a major issue, and we stress the importance of only using infection control products with a CE mark and also the number of the notified body next to the actual CE mark itself. Topdental have invested large amount of money on compliance and product efficacy testing in order to obtain the mark.

FREE sample. If you would like a free pack of 100 wipes please telephone 01535 652 750 and mention „Micro-V“ editorial. For more information and full prices you can check out our web site www.topdental.org

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System reference number: PRLS-00000003-20110801201815