"Slick-Tip" Mixing tip

"Slick-Tip"  Mixing tip

"Slick-Tip" Mixing tip
© 2011 Jacob Krikor D.D.S (Swe)

Published on:
Friday, 29 April 2011, 14:21
Europe/London (BST) +0100 UTC

Topdental have launched the new Slick-Tip mixing tip, the new tip is a quicker and more efficient version of the traditional mixing tip.

The tip features a faster method of fastening the mixing tip to the impression cartridge; instead of having to line up the „v“ slot the Slick Tip will connect with having to locate an exact location. This multi-point tip will fit most traditional 1:1 ratio standard mixing cartridges.

As well as saving time, the Slick-Tip offers high performance mixing each and every time with a low material wastage. The tip will accept existing Intra Oral tips.

The prices of the tips are only £19.50 exc vat per bag of 100 tips. Samples are available by phoning Topdental on 01535 652 750 or visiting our web site www.topdental.org the product ID code is : BKST130.

01535 652 750
United Kingdom
System reference number: PRLS-00000003-20110429142210